YUDA Bands Sold to Fund Education

By Hannah Wieditz
The student council and a few select Spanish 4 students have been providing the community with a chance to give back by selling YUDA bands. YUDA is derived from “ayuda” which means “help” in Spanish. This name is fitting because for each 175 bracelets sold, a selected underpriveleged student from a developing nation is sponsored to go to school for an entire year.

The students selling these bracelets have already reached their first goal, raising enough money to send a child from Guatemala named Christian Abjal to school for one year. The next goal is to sell enough bracelets to send another Guatemalan, Anabella Rodriguez, to school.

The bracelets have been a big hit. They are sold before school, during lunch, and will continue to appear at events throughout this week. Even though the task requires work, it is still an enjoyable experience.

Student council president Hanna Giegerich said, “This is such a positive and uplifting project. It’s cool that people are buying these bands knowing that it will help a child go to school.”

Student council members Hannah Wieditz and Hannah Giegerich sell YUDA bands during lunch on Friday, March 22. Photos by Gabby Kolker.