2022 Homecoming Preparations with Student Council


Angie WIlliams

MVHS Student Council

Jennell Searle

“I present to you 1,500 glow sticks!” Student council member Ava Dimmer arrives at the classroom with a binder-size Amazon box of glow sticks, setting them down to the side in satisfaction.

This is just a small glimpse into a day of the student council around the Homecoming week, a time where everyone’s feeling their best whether it be during the dress-up days or the various sports events. The student council had met regarding problems the dance may face and what was going well so far for Homecoming week.

One of the first topics discussed was obtaining the scepter used for the homecoming king, specifically regarding the arrival. Originally the scepter that was first ordered was all the way in Hong Kong, leaving its arrival date to be way out of line for the homecoming dance. Luckily, alternatives were discussed; Another scepter would be ordered from Amazon that would arrive by Thursday the 22nd, as well as looking for alternate locations such as Walmart. The council was quick to discuss this topic, leaving room for more dire matters at hand.

Scheduling was a big topic amongst the council, especially regarding the events around the dance. Other events discussed were the male cheerleaders’ performance, the coronation, and then finally the Powderpuff game.
Pictures were to be set up in the gym for the dance, and no illegal drinks are to be allowed. This year will be a little different, considering the fact that there won’t be any homecoming pins for purchase; however, there will still be a competition being held among the art students for next year’s homecoming pin design.

On a better note, the flowers have been ordered and received from Blooming Acres, and the decorations from Amazon. According to New Student council Advisor Angie Williams, the decoration process for the dance will have about “forty dollars extra worth of supplies this year” which the student council has to go through. Other than that, the closing for votes in terms of the homecoming couple closed on Wednesday, September 21st, and the counting has concluded. Posters for the homecoming couple were worked on once all of the major topics were discussed, which announced the end of the current student council meeting.