Large Group Speech Competes at State

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The large group speech team state competition took place Saturday at Cedar Rapids Washington. Ten out of Mount Vernon’s 12 events scored a district 1 rating.


Category title students involved Rating Overall
Ensemble The History of America Abridged Rory McCollum, Aaron Barnhart, Maggie Davis 1,1,1 1
Radio News ESPNPR Alex Lueth, Caroline See, Emily Tvedt, Jack Young, Oliver Crocker, Will Dragon, Zach Vig 1,1,1 1
Ensemble Waiting for Waiting for Godot Sam Krapfl, Martin Benesh, Lucas Moran 1,1,1 1
One Act Doggs Hamlet Lucas Moran, Sam Krapfl, Martin Benesh, Aaron Barnhart, Stacey Jaeger, Sam White, Theresa Gruber Miller, Jenna Baumler 1,1,1 1
Group Improv The Bearded Ladies Jenna Baumler, Maggie Davis, Theresa Gruber-Miller 1,1,1 1
Group Improv Germany! Alanah Malone, Aleck Krob, Fynn Uttermark, Jackson Brus 1,1,1 1
Group Mime HeIst, How Are You? Mat Zobac, Zach Vig 1,1,1 1
Choral Reading Trigger Warning Clarissa Player, Sam White, Quinnie Rodman, Grace Krapfl, Alanah Malone, Maggie Lynott 1,1,1 1
Ensemble The Actors Nightmare Addie Rand, David Wolfe, Maddy Steen, Preston Johnson, Simon Crocker 1,1,1 1
Short Film Cake and Tea Alex Lueth, Emily Tvedt, Kate Margheim, Jack Ossenkop, Kode Banwart, Chelsea Wallace 1,1,2 1
Readers Theatre Someone Who Knew Her Alina Merlak, Aubrey Frey, Kate Margheim, Oliver Crocker, Kayle Fairchild, Jack Ossenkop, Jeremy Ferguson 2,2,1 2
Musical Theatre Guys and Dolls Caroline See, Clarissa Player, Quinnie Rodman, Stacey Jaeger 2,2,1 2

Mount Vernon High School Large Group Speech Team 2017