History Made: Mount Vernon Speech Takes 9 Groups to All State this Weekend

Dallas Olberding

Photos of the all state showcase Feb. 11, a performance showcasing all of the amazing all staters, taken by Tori Oelrich and Elizabeth Barns.

Mount Vernon Speech made history as they will be taking 9 groups to all state this weekend – a record for the school. If you would like to come support the team in Ames this Saturday, tickets are available in the link provided: https://tickets.gobound.com/tickets/events/h202302060215555779571f26ef8ce46/checkout

All-State Performing Groups:

Group improv: Women Warriors: Natalie Thuerauf, Penelope Vig, Claire Gaffney, Audrey Tucker
Choral Reading: We Bleed Red, Too: Anna Vavricek, Kylie Pyatt, Finley McVay, Natalie Clark, Ava Dimmer, Remy Merrill, Dallas Olberding, Violet Olinger, Renee Vig, Sierra Snyder, Elizabeth Barns, Natalie Thuerauf, Penelope Vig, Margaret Player, Kayleigh Kirton
Ensemble: Waiting for Waiting for Godot: Milo Olinger, Audrey Tucker, Ty Panos
Ensemble: This is a Bad Idea: Luke Stephens, Anna Vavricek, Charlie Krob, Lydia Benesh, Tori Oelrich
Group Mime: Dark Chocolate: Dallas Olberding, Margaret Player, Laila Moellering, Tori Oelrich

All-State Non-Performing Groups:

One Act: Scrappy:Ty Panos, Charlie Krob, Milo Olinger, Laila Moellering, Luke Stephens, Lydia Benesh, Michael Briesemeister

Ensemble: Nancy Drew Aiden Campbell, Skye Rodman, Lillian Bishop, Dylan Winkler, Sierra Snyder

Group Improv: Hufflepuffs Cait O’Connor, Owen Francois, Michael Covington, Lewis Krob

Musical Theatre: Wicked Finley McVay, Natalie Clark, Emily Patten, Lillian Bishop, Violet Olinger, Kylie Pyatt, Skye Rodman, Claire Gaffney