All MV Teams Place at Final Season Tourney

Mount Vernon Archers shoot final tournament in Anamosa

The Mount Vernon Archery club closed out the regular season in Anamosa on February 15. All three teams earned tournament honors. The Elementary team scored a total of 2716, finishing in third place. The Middle School team took first place with a score of 3247 and the High School team placed 2nd by scoring 3324.
In Anamosa, individual awards were given to 6th place. In High School, the scores were highly competitive. Kayla Hicks placed 6th with a 277 and Nathanial Barnhart placed 4th by scoring 290, which was a personal best for him. For the Middle School, Aubrey Vlasek led the girls by shooting 274 and placing 4th in the tournament. Three Middle School boys earned individual awards. Derk Keller took 6th place with a score of 274, Christian Tanberg scored 275 for 4th and Logan Kelly scored 284 for 1st place. On the elementary school team, the lead scorers were Anna Nydegger and Adam Vig.
Twenty-seven archers shot personal bests at Anamosa: Adam Vig, Aden Locke, Anna Nydegger, Brody Ulch, Chase Burkart, Cooper Becthold, Derk Keller, Ellie Crock, Faith Roudabush, Hannah DeWitte, Jake Kadlec, Jeana Konkowski, John Arians, Kayla Wallace, Kaylynn Burgin, Lauren Burkle, Maddie Dickson, Matt Trachta, Nathaniel Barnhart, Noah Exley-Schuman, Noah Guillaume, Olivia Zach, Reese Panos, Savannah Howard, Seth Moore, and Shannon Beck. This season, there were over 200 personal records accumulated by the Mustangs.

The NASP State Archery Tournament will be held at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center Grand Ballroom in Des Moines on Saturday, March 1. Based on the team scores for this past season, all three teams have qualified for the State tournament to be held in Des Moines on March 1. At each level, the teams will consist of the top 24 archers from the season. Right now, the Mustang archers are scheduled to shoot in four consecutive flights starting at noon.

Individual Results
Elementary School: Adam Vig, 254; Adam Deeb, 210; Aden Locke, 251; Aden Grudzinski, 194; Anna Nydegger, 242; Brody Ulch, 229; Eli Webster, 163; Elizabeth Meier-Gast, 198; Ellie Crock, 233; Faith Roudabush, 188; Grayce Conley, 154; Hannah Dewitte, 220; Isabelle Krapfl, 203; Jaegen Becthold, 195; Jake Kadlec, 228; Jessica Belding, 135; Kai Yamanishi, 199; Kaiden Shannon, 145; Kayla Wallace, 217; Keean Kamerling, 221; Maddie Dickson, 159; Nathan Woods, 208; Quinlan Denes, 160; Rylan Butterbaugh, 176
Middle School: Adrian Dale, 218; Alex Deeb, 267; Aubree Vlasek, 274; Austin Koehn, 186; Austin Webster, 267; Brandon Lochner, 267; Caroline Voss, 250; Christian Tanberg, 275; Cian Meier-Gast, 239; Clayton Loyd, 266; Cody Connolly, 270; Collin Hallier, 270; Colton Kollasch, 151; Colton Hof, 273; Connor Myers, 272; Cooper Becthold, 261; Derek Jordan, 239; Derk Keller, 274; Elijah Mcinnis, 197; Emily Friedman, 237; Erin Marti, 213; Evan Tvedt, 245; Henry Maddock, 216; Jace Delancey, 181; Jake Stanerson, 215; Jake Kamerling, 169; Jakob Hunter, 225; Jeana Konkowski, 260; John Norton, 227; Josh Haugse, 231; Kaiden Coleman, 201; Kailey Shannon, 236; Karlyn Connolly, 255; Kaylynn Burgin, 210; Kelsey Kosman, 251; Lauren Burkle, 213; Logan Kelly, 284; Madeline Morrical, 255; Mae Owen, 222; Masen Pelley, 166; Mathew Trachta, 256; Matthew Erlandson, 189; Matthew Morrical, 242; Max Siders, 205; Mya Reyhons, 267; Nicholas Garrelts, 257; Nick Flynn, 263; Noah Exley-Schuman, 257; Noah Guillaume, 262; Olivia Zach, 250; Paige Beck, 205; Preston Johnson, 269; Rachel Lochner, 255; Reese Panos, 220; Savannah Howard, 253; Seth Moore, 263; Shannon Beck, 220; Sydney Ulch, 264; Tryston Locke, 262; Zach Vig, 241
High School: Aaron Barnhart, 263; Chase Burkart, 265; Cheyenne Yerkes, 274; Drew Keller, 274; Everett Thompson, 271; Gage Lochner, 270; Grace Niehaus, 251; Isaiah Exley-Schuman, 258; Joe Godfrey, 277; John Arians, 268; Jojo Jiacinto, 272; Kari Tanberg, 231; Kathleen Bevens, 273; Kayla Hicks, 277;

Senior Kayla Burkart scored 259 at the last season meet in Anamosa Saturday.
Senior Kayla Burkart scored 259 at the last season meet in Anamosa Saturday. Photo by Maggie Rechkemmer.

; Kyler Shannon, 233; Lexi Kelly, 166; Macon, 287; Maggie Rechkemmer, 260; Nat Klein, 281; Nathaniel Barnhart, 290; Renny Klein, 275; Whitney Woods, 273