Individual Speech Team Shines at State

The individual speech team scored 16 straight ones, eight overall ones and three twos at state competition today held at Vinton-Shellsburg High School. All-State IE Festival will be held at UNI on March 27.  The team is coached by Tawnua Tenley and Grant Freeman. Individual results are listed below:

The individual speech team takes a break together at state competition. Photo by Tawnua Tenley.
Category EntryTitle Student Ratings Overall
EA Picnic Aleck Krob 1,1,1 1
PA Why You Should Talk to Strangers Emily Friedman 1,1,1 1
ST Tell Tale Heart Grace Krapfl 1,1,1 1
PR Blue Blood Jack Young 1,1,1 1
PR A Field Guide to Awkward Silences Jenna Baumler 1,1,1 1
LP Loves Lost Lesson / Repetition Luke Moran 1,1,1 1
SMT Leos Statement from Parade Luke Moran 1,1,1 1
ACT Teachers Lounge Martin Benesh 1,1,1 1
ST Elephants Child Rory McCollum 1,1,1 1
AD Genie Boot Camp Sam White 1,1,1 1
AD Friend to Aliens Badge Samuel Krapfl 1,1,1 1
IMP Samuel Krapfl 1,1,1 1
LP Creation Stacey Jaeger 1,1,1 1
IMP Theresa Gruber-Miller 1,1,1 1
SS Theresa Gruber-Miller 1,1,1 1
AD Wherefore Art Thou Trumpet? Zach Vig 1,1,1 1
PR The Little Prince Alina Merlak 1,1,2 1
RV Untold Stories of the ER Alina Merlak 1,1,2 1
PO Phenomenal Woman Amanda Dragon 1,1,2 1
PO Paper Dolls & Rapists who call themselves feminists Clarissa Player 1,1,2 1
OO Power of Smiling Emily Friedman 1,1,2 1
PO [American Journal] Maddy Steen 1,1,2 1
IMP Martin Benesh 1,1,2 1
RV The Abyss Samantha Edwards 1,1,2 1
SMT Good Morning, Baltimore from Hairspray Rory McCollum 1,2,2 2
ACT Mrs. Sorken Stacey Jaeger 1,2,2 2
PA Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Will Dragon 1,2,2 2