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Water Bottle Fountain on Student Council’s Wish List

By Matt Banwart

New water fountains, Mr. MVHS, important conferences, and holiday decor, were all topics discussed at the Jan. 24 Student Council meeting.

The meeting was originally planned for the 23rd but got backed up a day due to a two hour delay. President Cory Brannaman and many other members of the council have been looking into installing a special water bottle fountain. This is a special drinking fountain with a top spout for filling water bottles. The middle school had one installed earlier in the school year. It’s purpose is to help promote the use of a permanent water bottle instead of a one time plastic bottle. Currently StuCo is looking into the cost of one.  Cory said, “It could range from three hundred to a thousand dollars, depending on whether we get an attachment or a new fountain.”

The council also worked on the schedule for all upcoming events. They decided that MVHS’s male beauty pagent, Mr.MVHS, will be held on Friday, March 28, at 7 P.M. If you are interested please contact a StuCo representative. They also started voting on who this year’s judges will be. “Looks like it’s time to go through the pecking order again,” said StuCo secretary Eric Dunford.

The council plans on attending a conference wide student council conference. Here they will learn new ways to improve our school and get ideas for new events.  At this conference StuCo plans on wearing their new uniform crew neck shirts they just received.

Out of excitement for their new shirts, junior representative Ben Gilbert said “Quick, Instagram this.”

Senior Mitch Wirfs said “These are fresh.” Clearly the council is excited to show of how classy MVHS is to the conference.


Other topics discussed:

  • Valentine O’grams

  • Valentine’s Day decorations

  • Planning for future meetings

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