It’s All About that Bass

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Martin Benesh

By Elijah Recalde

You know it, they know it, even he knows it. It can safely be said that everyone knows that Mount Vernon senior Martin Benesh is good at the bass. Like really good.

“Probably too good,” junior Oliver Crocker says.

This year at the independence All-State Auditions Martin Benesh got into the orchestra section. This wasn’t a surprise to him at all because for the last two years Benesh has gotten into the orchestra section, no recalls, ever, not one. This year, he made 11th chair, which was somewhat of a disappointment for him after making second chair last year and third chair his sophomore year.

Benesh started orchestra, during his fourth grade year, the only other bass being classmate Derk Keller. Martin remembers practicing for around two hours every day, not including school rehearsals. He remembers not doing so great at first but improved with persistent effort and lots of help from teachers and his family alike.

Triumph came after many defeats.

Benesh was always inspired to become the best at everything he did by the culture of those around him. His mother, who has been a big inspiration for him was an ex-pro volleyball player and actor, who was always the best at everything she did.

Through his bass-player journey Martin has even made some enemies. He remembers in middle school at honor orchestra he met another bassist who was as good if not better than him, and every year afterwards she would beat him in competitions and eventually All-State, where she would always be one step ahead of him. Martin hasn’t given up yet though, he plans to show her up someday. Although he’s not sure when.