Anna Moore Chills with the Cello


Isabel Klawiter

Anna Moore

Ashlyn Steen

She relaxes as she draws the bow across the thick strings, coaxing a deep rich sound from the cello.
Anna Moore, a junior, loves to play the cello, a string instrument larger than the violin, but smaller than the bass. Moore has been playing since fifth grade, when she switched from the harp because she “felt left out” when her teacher would explain how to handle a bow. She didn’t have much difficulty choosing a new instrument, cello was the easy choice. When her mom asked why she chose the cello, Moore responded with, “It speaks to me.” Since then she has taken off, not only playing at school and at home, but attending multiple honor orchestras, Dorian Summer Camp, and even private lessons at Preucil School of Music to improve on her beloved instrument. This year, Moore intends to put her skills to use and try out for All-State. She also hopes to join a cello choir during the second semester this year.
Moore loves to start her day in orchestra. “I love being around other music nerds,” she said. “We just have a happy little environment.” She feels she’s able to be herself with her companions and have fun along the way, doing something she genuinely enjoys. The cello and orchestra have allowed Moore to grow personally as well. As someone with anxiety, she has utilized the auditions and performances that come with her instrument to take out of her comfort zone, in order to build self confidence. Most importantly, she said, all the work she has put in over the years has “given me something to be proud of.”
Cello has become a bigger part of Moore’s life as she’s spent more time with it. She’s met many lifelong friends including her best friend, whom she met at Dorian Summer Camp. The camp, hosted by Luther College, is one of her favorite places to be because everyone attending is invested in music. “It’s nice to be around people that have the same passion as you,” she said.
For now Moore’s only plan is to keep improving on the cello. She is unsure what the future holds for her, but she’d enjoy doing something small, like teaching cello lessons, to make sure the instrument stays a part of her life. “If I were to do something, it’d be some sort of teacher,” she said. “Teaching little kids would be fun!”
Whether or not she gets to introduce kids to cello, Moore encourages everyone to pick an instrument. She herself is planning on expanding her musical vocabulary and has already begun learning the guitar and piano over quarantine. “Music is really cool, it doesn’t matter if it’s band, singing or orchestra,” she said, “My one piece of advice is to get involved in something, and music is a great way to do that.”