‘The Mountain Between Us’ Appeals with Adventure and Romance


Review by Lauren McCollum

After a horrific plane crash occurs, two of the three passengers aboard are helplessly hidden in the middle of Utah’s many snowy mountains. Photojournalist Alex Martin and brain surgeon Ben Bass are left to use their knowledge on nature to find a way home after their pilot, Walter, dies in the crash. The spectacular film The Mountain Between Us is a good reminder to all that you can’t predict the future, or the situations you will end up in throughout your life.

The character Alex Martin is played by actress Kate Winslet who most recognize from the movie “Titanic”, and Ben Bass is played by actor Idris Elba.

This movie focuses not only on them surviving when death was almost inevitable, but the human need to exist in a community with other people to interact with. Apart from their lack of food, clothes, or resources to contact anyone, they had to figure out a way to stay emotionally stable when it seemed impossible. I thought this film did a great job of showing the powerful relationship that was developed between Alex and Ben during the time they worked together in search of a road back to civilization. Their personalities created a balance in all the decision making because they complemented each other so well. Alex was fierce and always wanting to explore, while Ben was thoughtful and always taking caution.

Though I personally do think this film was wonderful, I could also see a few reasons why someone else might not have the same feelings towards it that I do. The beginning is a little slow, but once their relationship develops you get very invested in their journey home and the beginning no longer matters. Some might also get frustrated that the ending leaves you with a few questions, but I kind of like that in a movie.

Overall I would give this movie an 8/10, and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes adventure or romance movies. It is rated PG-13, and has a run time of 100 minutes.