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iPhone 7s Plus

By Chase Martin

The iPhone 7s plus is the best you can get according to recently added technology including all the premium features Apple has poured in the 7s. It’s the newest model that you can get your hands on (besides the iPhone 8 that was released Sept. 22) with all the advanced features, the whole phone can be submerged in water and operate to its full capability. It boasts 6.23” x 3.07” extended screen with premium pixels (1,920 x 1,080) the brightest iPhone display ever, stereo speakers, enhanced battery life and more.

The S in the name of this iPhone stands for the upgraded speed the 7s has. It has the fastest internet performance according to the executive producer of Apple Phil Schiller. Schiller also addressed that the S previously stood for multiple things. (Ex. iPhone 4s: Siri, iPhone 5s: Security)

The newest dual 12 MP cameras are featured in the iPhone 7. The 7s has a wide-angle option and even a telephoto camera option. Serving the best options for photographers on the go, and in most situations, the most convenient camera you won’t have to worry about hauling around with the hassle of assembling parts for specific photographs.  

The brightest, most colorful iPhone display ever was put into the 7s. Its display includes Retina HD display 5.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen LCD, Multi-Touch display allowing you to select multiple things on your screen or in camera mode at once made with Apple’s long time partner, IPS technology. The 7s is the only iPhone with a 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution performing at 401 ppi for the smoothest transitions and clearest widest range of colors to help contrast applications, photos, games.

On the front, the iPhone 7’s screen is scratched with a mineral test pick equaling a level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. This indicates it’s in line with most modern smartphones equipped with the latest Gorilla Glass.

The home button has been made to not serve as a button you press down, but a button you touch sending a vibration throughout the iPhone signifying that you’ve “pressed” the button.

This brand new feature decreases the previous problems with iPhone home buttons breaking and becoming useless. As well as making the home button “taps” and the number of taps you wish to put in effortless along with faster, more responsive actions. Instead of getting the familiar  slow response and/or “lag” resulting in having to restart your iPhone.  

You may be concerned the extra power and brighter display on the iPhone 7 will have a negative effect on the battery. Apple’s “official guidance” says the iPhone 7 will last for two hours longer than the iPhone 6S.

All of the 7 series iPhones have dual stereo speakers on each side of the charger input. From personal experience the iPhone 7’s speakers are 2x better than the previous generation’s. The sound is more crisp, it can be played at a higher volume and can even be played when it comes in contact with water.

One major debate about the iPhone 7 is about the removal of the auxiliary input. Apple seems to be pulling the future into the present by strongly suggesting bluetooth is the easier more convenient way to listen to your iPhone through headphones. Apple recognized this may affect a lot of people who depend on auxiliary inputs to listen to music in their car or to listen to shows and/or music on their iPhone alone. In order to fix this problem Apple invented a auxiliary adapter that you plug into the charger on one side and the auxiliary cord on the other.

Minus that small setback, the iPhone 7s plus is every bit as powerful as it looks; everything has been made to better the handler’s experience with their iPhone. And Apple is only getting more and more advanced flooding with new ideas, prototypes and more.

Cartoon by Chase Martin


Released: Sept. 16, 2016

Cost: $769.00

Battery Life: Approx. 12 hours

Weight: 188 grams

Screen Material: Gorilla Glass (Mohs level 6)


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