MVHS Archery Team Places 2nd in NASP Tourney

The Mount Vernon Archery Club proudly welcomed school teams from Iowa and surrounding states to Iowa’s Largest and Best NASP Tournament on Saturday, Jan. 4, to Cornell College’s Small Indoor Sports Arena. Twenty-seven schools, over 800 archers and about 2,500 spectators witnessed a spectacular scene of 60 targets and over 100 archers spread in a line on the arena floor shooting some of the best competition of the season.

The Mount Vernon Club didn’t just host a commanding performance behind the scenes but on the arena floor as well.  All three Mount Vernon teams captured tournament honors and 3 Mustang archers received top awards.  The elementary team (4-5th grade) captured 3rd place with 2378.  The high school team (9-12th) was tournament runner-up with 3247. The middle school team (6-8th grade) was tournament champion for their division with a team score of 3236.

All three individual awards came from the middle school archers.  Rachel Lochner shot a 271 and placed 3rd for middle school girls.  Christian Tanberg shot a 277 and placed third for middle school boys.  Conner Meyers placed 2nd with a 280. Top archers for Mount Vernon in the elementary division were Anna Nydegger (girls) and Keean Kamerling (boys). Drew Keller, Macon, and Whitney Woods were top archers for Mount Vernon in the high school division.


“Our archers have been learning and improving their archery and teamwork skills over the past 2 months”, claims Coach Wilkinson, “Both the middle school and high school teams are very strong and our new elementary team is very eager to learn.” 42 archers shot their personal record at Cornell.  Our success will continue as we work on personal improvement, teamwork and service.”

This is the second year for the tournament at Cornell College and teams from all over had nothing but positive feedback about the community involvement and the venue.  On more than one occasion, visiting coaches asked whether the state tournament could be held in Mount Vernon.  Thanks to the work of many tournament organizers and about 100 volunteers, many teams are eager to return again to Mount Vernon and Cornell College.


The Mustang Archers will help support the Whitetails Unlimited Banquet that is being held in Lisbon on Friday, January 10th and compete in a tournament in Alburnett on Saturday, January 11th.


Tournament Leaders:

Chris Hallier, Sandy Tanberg, Marcia Barnhart, Crystal Shannon, Lea Snedden, Ron Lochner, Chuck Hallier, Rich Hall, Doug Shannon, Charlene Vig and Tom Wilkinson


Mount Vernon Archery Coaching Staff:

Beth Johnson, Chris Hallier, Dave Hof, David Garrelts, David Tanberg, Doug Shannon, Chuck Hallier, Jeff Friedman, Kevin Conley, Laurie Keller, Marcia Barnhart, Rich Hall, Ron Lochner, John Maddock, Lea Snedden,  Sandy Tanberg, Darin Vig, Todd Vlasek, Kieth Woods, Tom Wilkinson


Individual results

Elementary division


Adam Deeb 204
Adam Vig 205
Aden Grudzinski 168
Aden Locke 216
Anna Nydegger 231
Brody Ulch 215
Colton Kollasch 155
Eli Webster 145
Elizabeth Meier-Gast 168
Faith Roudabush 151
Grayce Conley 92
Hannah DeWitte 156
Isabelle Krapfl 175
Jaegen Becthold 137
Jake Kadlec 197
Jakob Hunter 179
Jessica Belding 91
Kai Yamanishi 189
Kaiden Coleman 194
Kaiden Shannon 205
Kayla Wallace 184
Kaylynn Burgin 145
Keean Kamerling 222
Lauren Burkle 109
Maddie Dickson 133
Mae Owen 150
Matthew Erlandson 182
Nathan Woods 173
Quinlan Denes 77
Seth Moore 208


High school division


Aaron Barnhart 245
Chase Burkart 252
Cheyenne Yerkes 271
Drew Keller 281
Dylan Pitts 217
Gage Lochner 273
Grace Niehaus 236
Isaiah Exley-Schuman 205
Joe Godfrey 269
John Arians 251
Jojo Jiacinto 262
Kari Tanberg 214
Kathleen Bevans 257
Kayla Burkart 258
Kayla Hicks 271
Kyler Shannon 207
Lexi Kelly 231
Macon 278
Maggie Rechkemmer 260
Nat Klein 271
Nathaniel Barnhart 276
Renny Klein 257
Sara Lyon 248
Whitney Woods 277


Middle school division


Addie Dale 201
Alex Deeb 230
Aubree Vlasek 256
Austin Koehn 177
Austin Webster 257
Brandon Lochner 271
Cale Snedden 263
Camden Butterbaugh 248
Caroline Voss 254
Christian Tanberg 277
Cian Meier-Gast 249
Clayton Loyd 275
Cody Connolly 273
Collin Hallier 267
Colton Hof 250
Connor Myers 280
Cooper Becthold 214
Derek Jordan 242
Derk Keller 248
Elijah 186
Emily Friedman 259
Erin Martl 183
Evan Tvedt 250
Graham Bradbury 241
Henry Maddock 197
Jake Stanerson 215
Jacob Kamerling 225
Jeana Konkowski 232
John Norton 247
Josh Haugse 253
Kailey Shannon 169
Karly Connolly 246
Kelsey Kosman 211
Logan Kelly 271
Luke 240
Madeline Morrical 254
Mat Trachta 225
Matthew Hall 217
Matthew Morrical 246
Max Siders 200
Mitchell Hall 191
Mya Reyhons 250
Nicholas Garrelts 255
Nick Flynn 258
Noah Exley-Schuman 249
Noah Guillaume 250
Olivia Zach 204
Paige Beck 200
Preston Johnson 217
Rachel Lochner 271
Reece Panos 201
Sadie Player 164
Savannah Howard 210
Shannon Beck 187
Sydney Ulch 262
Tryston Locke 216
Zach Kolker 274
Zach Vig 243