Archers Participate in Hitaga Shoot

Mount Vernon Archery Club members continue to participate in archery events year around.

August 24-25, Hitaga Archery near Central City hosted the Iowa 2013 Rhinehart 100 3D

Shoot drawing about 500 archers from Iowa and around the nation. Hitaga Archery uses the

profit from the shoot to help support the infrastructure at Camp Hitaga and also sponsor less

fortunate kids so that they can attend camp in the summer.


Mount Vernon archers and families ran concessions for Hitaga and earned support for their

club. Mount Vernon Archers also competed in the shoot aiming at Rhinehart targets of animals

from North American and African environments. There was also a novelty collection of targets

simulating targets, such as, aliens and dinosaurs. Special archery games and head to head

competitions included a milk jug shoot, the iron forest, shooting flying targets and the iron buck.

Gage Lochner was the North American Range Youth Champion. There were 50 challenging

targets in each range with a variety of distances and type of targets.


Members of the Mount Vernon Archery Club competing in the shoot were:

Kayla Burkart

Chase Burkart

Sydney Ulch

Aubrey Vlasek

Alex Deeb

Cole Dummermuth

Christian Tanberg

Kari Tanberg

Collin Hallier

Rachel Lochner

Brandon Lochner

Gage Lochner

Special thanks to Chuck and Chris Hallier for organizing the concessions for the event. Also

thanks to Ron, Brandon, Gage and Rachel Lochner, and Collin Hallier for their extra help

all weekend. Hitaga Archery organizers were very pleased with the amount of help running

concessions and helping clean up. Volunteers that signed up and helped with the fundraiser


Cole Dummermuth

Maria Dummermuth

Chase Dummermuth

Nicholas Garrelts

Dave Garrelts

Zach Vig

Darin Vig

Aubree Vlasek

Todd Vlasek

Kari Tanberg

Christian Tanberg

Sandy Tanberg

Dave Tanberg

Drew Keller

Derk Keller

Laurie Keller

Matt Morrical

Andy Morrical

Alex Deeb

Amy Deeb

Gage Lochner

Brandon Lochner

Rachel Lochner

Ron Lochner

Collin Hallier

Chuck Hallier

Chris Hallier

Tom Wilkinson