Being A Role Model On and Off Stage

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Story by Catherine Yeoman

The Disney musical “The Little Mermaid,” performed by  Mount Vernon High School, displayed a variety of morals throughout the show and role models. Junior Quinnie Rodman excelled playing the part of Ariel. In the musical, Ariel is a big role model to her fish friend Flounder who just so happens to be played by Quinnie’s youngest sister Skyler. Quinnie was already familiar to being a role model because off stage she has two younger sisters, freshman Emma and fifth grade Skyler.

Quinnie (Ariel) and Skyler (Flounder) Rodman pose for a photo after a performance.

“Working with my sister was really fun. She got to be part of something that I really love and got to look up to me as a role model while doing it,” Quinnie said.

As if going to long hours of musical rehearsal wasn’t enough, Quinnie and Skyler did some extra practicing at home. “We would practice our lines for scenes together when we could and occasionally do the ‘Under the Sea’ dance just for fun” Quinnie said.

Skyler thought that practicing with her older sister was fun and easy. “It was easy to work with Quinnie because if I was bad at something and needed to work on it, Quinnie would always help me fix it,” Skyler said.

Being on stage is nerve racking in general, but for Skyler, it was easier with Quinnie there. “I felt more comfortable because it was my sister and she knew me and would help me if I forgot my lines. If I had to be on stage with a random person it would be horrible” Skyler said.

Quinnie was already pretty confident on stage but she enjoyed helping her sister. “For me it was the same but I could definitely tell that Skyler felt more comfortable with me on the stage to help her if she needed it.” Quinnie said.