Shaving Cream Classic Preview

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By Abby Davidson

This year Shaving Cream Classic will be held in the high school gym on Friday Nov. 18 at 8 p.m. However, if our football team makes it to the state finals, then the SCC will be moved to Saturday, Nov. 19 at 1 p.m..

Boys in the school will have a chance to play on a team with their grade against boys in other grades and staff that choose to play. The SCC is a round-robin tournament, where each grade plays every other grade once, along with staff. The winning team is the one who wins the most games. There will be an entrance fee of $2, but people wearing a SCC T-shirt will get in for free. Shirts will be available for purchase this week for $15.

Volleyball is typically known as a girls’ sport in Mount Vernon, although for this one night out of the school year boys are given the chance to be volleyball players; like girls become football players on the night of powderpuff. Practices may be offered by the student coaches, who are usually members of the volleyball team. All are welcome.

Last years Shavign Cream Classic MVP's pose with their trophies after the tournament.

Last years Shaving Cream Classic MVP’s pose with their trophies after the tournament.