Open Campus During MTSS Time Should Extend to Juniors

Free Juniors from MTSS. Cartoon by Drew Adams.
Free Juniors from MTSS. Cartoon by Drew Adams.

Opinion by Drew Adams

Mount Vernon High School’s schedule is not the same this year as it has been in the past. On Monday through Wednesday we still do the traditional seven periods, but on Thursdays and Fridays we have a block schedule. This block schedule includes what Mount Vernon High School calls the MTSS period. During this period students have the chance to talk to teachers and retake assessments or just do a little bit of extra studying. Seniors only are able to skip out on this final period of the week. Some, like myself, may question why only seniors get the option to leave during this period. Shouldn’t juniors also get the upperclassman perk of getting to start the weekend a little earlier?

The main reason juniors should be able to leave is because it should be no different from when a student has a free first or seventh hour. Both juniors and seniors are able to leave or show up late with a signature from their parents if we have a free hour either first or seventh period. If juniors have the right to do this on every other school day then we should have to right to on Fridays for the eighth block. Juniors are responsible enough to leave the campus early and be responsible with their time. If the school trusts juniors enough to leave early from seventh period then they should trust them to leave the MTSS period as well.

Another pro to letting juniors leave is we could be more productive with our time. The MTSS period allows students to reassess and talk to teachers which is very beneficial, but that usually doesn’t take up the whole period. After kids are done doing what they actually need to do then there’s no purpose of just keeping them in the school while seniors are already home gathering things for practices or getting ready for work. Often times kids gather in the commons and just sit around trying to pass time before the final bell rings.

As I mentioned before many kids at MVHS are involved in a sport or an after school activity. A lot upperclassmen, especially juniors feel overwhelmed with the amount of schooling and activities. It’s hard to go straight from learning to your activity, especially since Fridays are usually competition days.  Allowing kids to go home will give them a little break between the two and give them a chance to gather things they may need or get a snack before going back at it. A lot of students who aren’t in sports or other activities have a job to go to after school. For some their job may be very important for them and with all the homework that comes with your junior year it can be stressful trying to manage both. Letting them leave would allow them to get to work earlier so they wouldn’t have to work as late. Then they could have more time at home with their families or more time to finish a little extra school work.