Academic Decathlon Team Places Fourth at State

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Academic Decathlon
State Tournament Results
Friday and Saturday, March 2 and 3, 2012

Large Schools
1st Cedar Rapids Jefferson 40,527.7
2nd Cedar Rapids Kennedy 39,062.7
3rd Cedar Rapids Washington 38,769.8

Josh Fell, Maggie Howell, Sarah Yeoman, Miranda Roudabush, Alex Doser, and Nate Marti pose with their trophies from State Academic Decathlon. Photo by Tawnua Tenley.

Small School
1st South Central Calhoun 32,882.0
2nd ADM 30,177.8
3rd Iowa Falls – Alden 29,546.3
4th Mount Vernon 28,892.1

11th Overall (Small School and Large School)

Individual Results

Honors Division
Nate Marti: 1st Essay, 3rd Super Quiz, 2nd Language and Literature, 3rd Overall Honors
Alex Doser 2nd Essay, 1st Math, 3rd Language and Literature

Varsity Division
Josh Fell: 1st Interview, 1st Language and Literature, 3rd Overall Varsity
Sarah Yeoman: 2nd Speech
Maggie Howell: 2nd Math

Alternate Results

Scholastic Division
Miranda Roudabush: 2nd Overall Small School

Mount Vernon High School State Team Members:

Nate Marti
Alex Doser
Paulina Massey
Alternate: Zehra Khan

Mindy Salzbrenner
Chelsie Minor
Thomas Bernard
Alternate: Miranda Roudabush

Sarah Yeoman
Josh Fell
Maggie Howell
Alternate: Allison Moore