Baseball During Social Distancing

Paige Beck

The coronavirus has canceled a lot of events this spring, but the baseball team has found a way to still have a season and practice social distancing.

Not only has the season been shorter than the past, but it has been different in many other ways as well. Junior Kayden Pendergrass plays in the outfield, and he explains the differences the team has had. “We have to take two buses for away games, and everyone has to sit at least one seat apart from each other,” said Pendergrass.

Senior Garrett Hormann plays left field, and he said that having only 10 people on each bus has really helped keep everyone at a safe distance away from each other. Not only do the boys have to stay a safe distance away, but they also have to wear neck gaiters in the dugout and check temperatures frequently. “Sitting in the dugout has been different because all of us wear face masks,” said Hormann. The boys are also required to be spaced out during practices to ensure that no one is spreading germs.

Another way the boys don’t spread germs is by not having sunflower seeds. “We are not allowed to spit or have seeds,” said freshman Clark Younggreen. He is not worried about spreading the virus because he knows that his team has been smart about the rules of social distancing. Even though the season hasn’t been the same as the past, Younggreen is very thankful to be able to play this season.

Pendergrass is also excited to be able to play this summer. “The best part about the season is being able to play and be around my friends again. It brings back normalcy that we haven’t had in over three months,” said Pendergrass.

Senior Jack Kragenbrink also feels the normalcy that Pendergrass talks about. “I don’t really think about the virus during the games. Once the game starts, I forget about the virus and just focus on baseball,” he said.

All of the boys on the team are very thankful that they get to spend the summer together doing what they love. “The best part of this season has been being able to play with my friends,” said Hormann. He also said that the hardest part of this season has been finding a groove with the team and sticking with it.

The Mustangs play at West Delaware High School tonight with a varsity reserve game at 5, and varsity at 7:15.