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Preparing for a Magical Prom Night


You enter the ballroom and all you see around are gorgeous lanterns and whimsical forestry decorations, the feeling you get is the excitement that tonight will be the night. Prom is a high school dance that comes during spring and is for students in grades 11th and 12th. This year’s Prom theme is Tangled which came from the fairytale about Rapunzel and her magical powers that came from the glowing flower. The prom this year is set in one of the ballrooms at the Double Tree Hotel in Cedar Rapids on April 27 from 9 p.m.-12 a.m. During Prom, students will dress up, girls will be in dresses and boys will be in suits. The type of music played at prom is pop music and slow dance music. For pop music, the majority of students want to hear from Artists like Niki Minaj, Pitbull, Rihanna, and Bruno Mars.

Songs students wanted to hear the most









~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Make up/Hair and Nails~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Most students do their makeup and hair but a few students will get their makeup done by friends. Rebecca Conrad, a senior, will get her makeup done by senior Emilia Czaplinska.

Junior Liliana Moffit will get her makeup done by senior Susanella Daugherty. “I am having Susanella do my makeup, and she’s going for a Priscilla Presley look that isn’t as dramatic,” she said. Moffit is also getting her hair done by her stylist Lauren in Cedar Rapids

Senior Audrey Tucker will get her hair and makeup done by a neighbor. Tucker, got her nails done at Venus Nails and Spa, and the design that she chose was a black swirl press-on. This will go with her black dress with purple sparkles.

Senior Renne Woods will have her friend Lily Rechkemmer design her nails as a water-marble look.

“I’m straightening my hair and just going to paint my nails a light pink,” senior Kenna Rolliniger said.

Senior Audrey Tucker’s nail design









~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Prom Dresses and Heels~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Most students bought their dresses in stores rather than online. Specifically, senior Kenna Rolliniger got hers at Macy’s. The dress style that most students will be wearing is slit dresses. Senior Sarah Fluharty will be wearing a unique dress which is a purple tulle ballgown. Junior Laueen Hepker’s style of dress is also unique being that the dress is a teal float dress with a slit that she’ll pair with silver sparkly heels. Another unique dress is a red mermaid one-shoulder dress that junior Emily Houghtaling will be wearing.

For the heels, most students will wear simple sparkly heels. Senior Rebecca Conrad is wearing a unique type of black heels with a sparkly strapless mermaid tail. For the corsage, most students make their own with their friends and family. Junior Liliana Morffit stated her sister will make her corsage which will be black and silver along with some silver beads and a hint of purple for the Tangled theme. When looking for a store that sells corsages you can check out E’s Solon florals.

Dress Colors








~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Where to Eat Out~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Starlight, and Barrel House are all popular places that students are deciding to eat at.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Post Prom~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Post Prom is an event that you can attend at the LBC from midnight to 4 am on April 28. This event is run by a junior parent organization called C.A.Y. (Community Action for Youth). There will be a variety of activities, snacks, and prizes. The games being played are pickle ball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, spike ball, karaoke, Bingo, yard games, a money booth, caricature drawing, and the Rock Wall will be open from 1-3 am. If you are looking for an after-party this event is the best way to have a longer prom experience.



Kael Riniker, Braxton Pitlik, Caysen Curran, and Tait Rentschler
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