Gym Should not be Required to Graduate

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Story and cartoon by Max Rechkemmer

It has long been known that physical education isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite class in high school, and for good reason. There are so many other productive things that students could be doing with there time than playing wrestling room dodgeball or tennis. Students should have more time to work and study, physical education should not be required for graduation.

Physical education is great for those in school sports because they have more time to train and get better at their sport and at some schools even mean less work at practice. But for the rest of the students, it is simply wasted time. So why make it required for all students to have physical education every year of high school in order to graduate?

Some may say that physical education needs to be required because it is important for students to stay active and exercise. But let’s be real, how much can all of the students who are not in school sports really get out of lifetime fitness? If you’ve ever walked by one of Mr. Peters lifetime fitness classes it’s pretty easy to tell that its not too intense and that it’s more of a game time and students really aren’t getting very much out of it.

Although wrestling room dodgeball can be a lot of fun, it would make much more sense to drop physical education as a requirement for students to get their diploma. This would allow them to focus on more important things like school work or a job.