New Schedule Is Good for Students

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Opinion by Austin Ash

Block schedule has been a valuable asset to this school. Walking through the halls of MVHS I hear people talking about how helpful it is to have time to catch up on homework, make up quizzes or get help from a teacher.

With our new block schedule, there are four 85-minute periods each day: Thursday is periods one, three, five, and seven. Fridays we have periods two, four, and six, which means on Fridays there is an extra period called eighth block. This gives students time to catch up on work they are behind on or missed. You can also get extra assistance in a class, make up assessments or retake them.

“I like it very much. It gives me time to work on different subjects,” said junior Cale Snedden. “If I missed a quiz or a test, I don’t have to worry about making it up on my own time because of the eighth block system.”

Block schedule is also very nice for seniors. Some seniors have multiple free periods. With this, on Thursday some students don’t have to be at school until 12:27 and on Fridays some students get out of school around noon, since seniors are allowed to leave school after their last class and are not required to stay for MTSS, which is the eighth block.

MTSS time also gives students extra time to do homework. If you are assigned homework on Wednesday and it is an even class it does not have to be done till Friday. Same thing goes on Thursdays; if you are assigned homework it isn’t due until Monday.

Another good thing about block schedule is the extra time we have during lunch. This year for basketball we used some of that time to watch film. We get about an hour for lunch break, and it only takes about 30 minutes to eat so we save time for practice by watching the film then. Than we all get home sooner and practice is shorter. Other students that are in student council and thundering herd meet during the extra time we are given in lunch break.

Block schedule has been very helpful this year. Students like the change of schedule at the end of the week and getting out of the same routine every day. It’s nice to have extra time during lunch to talk with friends and study for a quiz or a test that you have later. I have enjoyed block schedule and I think many of my classmates have as well.

Changing up the Course

cartoon by Austin Ash