MV Should Resurface Tennis Courts

Opinion by Amanda Dragon
Tennis players all around the world have heard of clay tennis courts, hard tennis courts, maybe even carpet courts. There are even grass tennis courts, and if you look, you might think Mount Vernon has a grass tennis court. But Mount Vernon’s hard tennis court is just so worn that the grass-filled cracks have started to take over.

Editorial Cartoon by Amanda Dragon
“Cracked Courts” by Amanda Dragon

Last year there were 36 girls on the tennis team. These 36 girls had to try and play a game where tennis balls would ricochet out of control when they landed on one of those cracks. It’s become impossible to play an actual game of tennis without the risk of injury to players who try. It is my opinion that the Mount Vernon schools and community should resurface these tennis courts.
Tennis is a sport that both boys and girls, young and old, can participate in. Tennis is also a lifelong sport.

Adults usually don’t play touch football or perform cheer stunts, but many people continue to play tennis after graduation. With communities now wanting to be blue zones or healthy zones, tennis is one way to keep our society moving. That is why we should resurface the courts for our high school team and our community.

Some people don’t think that new resurfaced tennis courts are needed because the tennis team can just use the Cornell College tennis courts. However, the Cornell men’s and women’s teams heavily use these tennis courts. It is the high school’s responsibility to maintain and supply functional tennis courts that are available for our tennis team.

The need for new resurfaced tennis courts is higher than ever. The girls’ tennis team continues to grow and we have added a boys’ tennis team that will need these courts. Resurfaced courts will ensure good practices and safety to all our our players.