Looking Forward to Senior Wrestling Season

Mason Pinckney

Riley Mudd (Mason Pinckney)

Riley Mudd is looking forward to his senior wrestling season. In the past, he had cut 25 lbs to get down to 120 because that was the weight he liked to wrestle at.

“Cutting weight is what I don’t want to do, but if it helps our team in the end I’ll cut it,” Mudd said. Mudd has been wrestling at 120 throughout high school, but this year he is going to wrestle at 152 or cut more weight to where he would be comfortable with the weight that he wants to wrestle at during this wrestling season. 

After Mudd’s offseason he was 130 and then he started lifting more often and eating more food than he used to and now Mudd is 152.

Mudd chose wrestling as an activity because his dad wrestled in high school and his cousins did too. 

Mudd’s favorite match was Solon last year because he lost to a kid during his sophomore year and that he could go against him and win against Lawson Sinnwell and the kid messed up and got out of position, which Mudd took advantage and pinned him. 

Mudd’s favorite wrestling memory is just winning in any tournament with his teammates. 

Mudd wrestles Ethan Plotz who is the same weight f and same build. Mudd has practiced with Plotz since Plotz was a freshman and Mudd was a sophomore.

His favorite coach is Coach Murphy because he helped him during his JV year. He helped Mudd believe in his ability as a wrestler and helped his mentality before matches.  The coach has helped Mudd with new moves that Vance Light shows the team.

Mudd’s plans after high school is that he has an opportunity to wrestle at Iowa Lakes. He would like to wrestle there but he would wrestle anywhere. In college,  he will be in a trade school learning HVAC.

Most of the time wrestling is dangerous and you can get into some bad situations. You can hurt yourself doing the wrong move and with that injuries do happen. Mudd fractured his sternum in eighth grade districts because he slammed a kid down on the mats. 

Mudd also has other sports that he competes in.  He has been in  football since he started in third grade. Mudd goes from playing football to wrestling and is going to start his last year of high school wrestling.