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Not all sports should be required to have gym

Elysia Horton

Gym shouldn’t be required for all athletes, it’s a big issue for some of the athletes.

 Some sports require fitness and speed while others do not.  People in sports that require a high level of activity do these activities daily and deserve to be able to opt-out of gym class. Some might enjoy both gym class and sports at the same time, but some honestly don’t. It tires out the people that don’t want to deal with both.

Sports should count for gym credit. Sports like football and volleyball, among others, involve multiple aspects of what gym class provides. This includes running, exercise, and endurance. It also teaches the athletes teamwork and getting along with others.    

When doing both, there is double the risk of injuring yourself. Athletes go all out when playing sports and the same effort gets put into gym class. Sprains and other injuries when participating in both gym class and sports are common. By letting athletes choose just sports, this lowers the overall risk of getting injured.    

This is a big problem for athletes because some can’t do much at the gym and don’t enjoy it.


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Not all sports should be required to have gym