Top 9 Books Checked Out at the MVHS Library

By Clara Conroy

Do you need a new book to read to fill your free time? Many students often have trouble finding what book is right for them to read. A good place to start is with books popular among your friends. Below are the top nine most popular reads at the Mount Vernon High School library in this past year, according to the library records of books checked out.

#9 Boys in the Boat

Boys in the Boat is a true story about the University of Washington rowing team. The main focus is on Joe Rantz, a boy who came from a poor family, determined to succeed in his rowing career. The team makes their way to the 1936 Olympics in Germany. Before the competition starts, the boys realize their odds to win are not very good. One of their teammates is sick, the weather is not good, and the box they are placed in is one of the worst ones. They compete the best they can in the race to try to get the gold medal.

#8 Red Queen

Red Queen is about Mare Barrow, a girl from the lower class, the Red-blooded. Mare discovers the she has special powers that only the upper elite class, the Silver-blooded, have. Mare starts working at the palace and discovers her powers when she starts to fall, but protects herself with a lightning shield. She is ordered, by the Silvers, to marry the youngest prince, Maven. Mare has hated the Silvers her whole life, but that becomes harder and harder as she starts to discover romantic feelings for both Maven and his older brother, Cal. Maven uses Mare to help destroy the Reds army, and become king. Mare is angry Maven used her, and she vows to kill him.

#7 The Treatment

The Treatment is a sequel to The Program, which came in number one on this list. The main character, Sloan, is on the run from The Program. She and her boyfriend, James, lost their memories of each other but still seemed to find their way back together. They discover a pill, called The Treatment. This pill is said to reverse what The Program has done to them. They don’t know how the pill could affect them, or if it even works. There is only one pill, and two of them. Sloan and James struggle to decide if one of them should take the pill, and if so, who?

#6 The One

The One is the third book in The Selection series. America never thought she could be the one to win over Maxon’s heart. She finds herself falling deeper in love with Maxon as days go by. When the final ceremony comes along, there are two girls left for Maxon to choose, America or Kriss. Before Maxon can announce his choice, a gun is pulled out and fired at America.

#5 The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave is focused on the main character Cassie. There are aliens, called Others, that came to earth and have been attacking in stages, or waves. The first wave, the Others turned off all electricity. In the second wave, there were giant tsunamis. The third wave was a pestilence that made your eyes bleed. In the fourth wave, Cassie gets shot in the leg by one of the Others, Evan, but he feels so bad about it he helps her get better. Evan and Cassie set out to find Cassie’s little brother, Sammy. Cassie stumbles across her high school crush, Ben. Both Evan and Ben help Cassie find Sammy.

Freshman Caroline Voss read The 5th Wave, and said, “I was always wanting to find out what happens next, it was very intense.”

#4 The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game

The Blind Side is based on a true story about Michael Oher. Michael grew up in foster homes after being taken from his drug-addicted mother. When Michael ran away from the foster homes, he stayed with a family friend, Big Tony. Michael stayed with Big Tony for a while, but it got too crowded and too expensive to feed someone Michael’s size. The Tuohy family found Michael living on the streets and offered to let him stay at their home. The Tuohy family used their wealth to help Michael thrive in school and got him onto the football team. He was very successful in his football career and ended up being a first round draft pick of the NFL.

Junior, Bailey Sullivan said, “It’s interesting that this book is based on a true story. I liked seeing how much the family cared for Michael.”

#3 Gone Girl

Gone Girl is a mystery book about a man, Nick, struggling to convince the police that he did not murder his wife, Amy. One day before their anniversary, Amy goes missing. Nobody knows why she’s gone or where she went. The police start to investigate the scene and find clues that lead to them thinking that Nick took Amy.

#2 The Elite

The Elite is a sequel to The Selection, a book not appearing on the list, although the second and third in the series are. Starting out with 35 girls, the competition for Prince Maxon’s heart starts to narrow down. Six girls are now left, one of them being a young singer, America. America needs to decide whether or not she loves Prince Maxon, or her first love, Aspen. As America and Maxon begin to drift further apart, America’s love for Aspen grows stronger. Maxon talks to America for a long time, and she realizes that he is still in love with her. People fight hard for America to win the throne, so she can destroy the caste system.

#1 The Program

The Program is focused on the main character, Sloan. Sloan lives in a world where teenage depression and suicide percentage is at an all time high. The Program is set up to help take the kids’ painful memories away. After her brother committed suicide, Sloan and her boyfriend, James, try hard to hide their pain, in fear of being taken by The Program to have their memories wiped. After Sloan and James’ friend, Miller, commits suicide, the grief gets even harder to hide. James is first taken to the program, then later, Sloan. As she is at The Program, her memories slowly start to drift. When James and Sloan are sent back to their homes, they do not remember each other, but feel a connection to one another. “The Program series is a very suspenseful series. You never know what is coming around the corner next,” sophomore Mackenzie Ketchum said.