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New Twist on Homecoming Dress Up

Mount Vernon students celebrate homecoming week with very fun and exciting dress up days
Malena Koehn
Kaylee Kintzel

One of the biggest weeks of the year is homecoming week, and that week has come. Dress-up days are what first come to mind when someone thinks about homecoming week. This week’s dress-up days include Pajama Day, Soccer Mom vs. BBQ Dad, Wild West, Senior Citizen, and Spirit Day. 

PJ day

What better way to start Homecoming week than wearing your pajamas?  Attire included fluffy pajama pants, slippers, onesies, and much more. 

The two students who stood out the most were junior Shelton P. and sophomore Elena Gehrke. Student Council member Grace Hale said that Shelton won because, “Shelton really went full out with everything, which was so fun and very appreciated.”

Soccer Mom vs. BBQ Dad

Mount Vernon really switched up this year with the brand new theme BBQ Dads vs. Soccer Moms. For many students, their day started off with raiding their parent’s closets, 

As sophomore Claire Thuerauf did to become a BBQ Dad. Her whole outfit was from her father’s closet. 

Another amazing BBQ Dad in our school is sophomore Grant Tucker. “My hat is from Megan Teague, the plaid shirt is my father’s along with the apron,” he said.  “The apron was a gift to my dad from my mother one day when we wanted to cook out, and just for fun, the apron was very similar to a police vest.” 

The two who stood out the most to the student council and were picked as winners were Soccer Moms Jackson Jaspers and Penelope Vig 

Wild West 

On Wednesday we transferred to the Wild West. Offering some significant help for this dress-up day is sophomore Kaylee Kintzel, who brought in eight cowboy hats, a stick horse, and a stuffed Longhorn cow to help her peers get into the dress-up day spirit. Kintzel was very excited and passionate about this topic. “I wanted to go all out so me and my Grandma went on Facebook and found this stick horse and we went to pick it up for my outfit at 8:30 that night,” Kintzel said. Selah Loyd and Klayten Perreault were picked as the winners for Wild West Day.

Senior Citizens

Hard candy flying everywhere, today students dressed up as senior citizens. Everyone was walking around with gray hair and canes. Junior Selah Loyd embraced this dress-up day.“I have had this costume in my closet ever since me and my best friend dressed up as old ladies for Halloween,” Loyd said.  “And this wig has been sitting in our costume collection in the attic forever.”

Sophomore Mae Krapfl showed everyone she knew how to embrace a senior citizen. Krapfl’s outfit even includes pieces from her Grandma. Krapfl says these pieces include, “the fake pearls and the skirt that is actually a dress that I turned into a skirt.” Similarly to Loyd, Krapfl found her wig in a box in her basement. 

Spirit Day

Maroon, maroon, maroon, today at MVHS it’s spirit day! Today is also the last day of dress-up week. Sophomore and Student Council member Norah Weber gives her reasoning on why we have Spirit Day every year. “This is the day to embrace school spirit and have the most fun with the pep rally.” 

This has been another great homecoming week full of dressing up and school spirit. 

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