Students Protest Proposed Anti-LGBTQ Legislation

Lily Rechkemmer


Awareness. Justice. Equality. Change. Love. On Wednesday, March 1, students at Mount Vernon High School protested against legislation that harms and diminishes the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. 

“This is an issue happening here, in our town, in our state,” said senior Dallas Olberding, leader of the walkout. “This isn’t happening far away, this is happening all around us.” 

The walkout was a direct response to a joint resolution proposed yesterday by eight Republicans in the Iowa House to deny recognition of same-sex marriage in the state constitution. 

At the beginning of sixth period students met outside the front of the high school to voice concern about proposals in the legislature that are especially harmful to LGBTQ+ students, such as banning books, only calling students by their names on their birth certificates, or banning social-emotional learning, forced outing of transgendered students by their teachers. Many students held handmade signs expressing their beliefs. Students hugged and showed support to one another after the walkout.

 “I got teary eyed,” said senior Helena Holub. “Seeing everyone show up and support everyone really hit me hard.”