Mount Vernon Qualifies 9 for State Wrestling

Sophie Milich

The Mount Vernon Wrestling Team pushed 9 kids into the state tournament. Congrats to front row: Klayten Perreault, Mikey Ryan, Jase Jaspers, and Jake Haugse. Back row: Jackson Jaspers, Henry Ryan, Ethan Wood, Clark Younggreen, Jackson Hird. Photos by Jayce Pendergrass.
Senior Clark Younggreen (Mount Vernon) 10-1 won by fall, over Wyatt Stalzer (East Marshakk/GMG) 18-19.
Senior Henry Ryan (Mount Vernon) 43-3 won by fall, over Cayden Buskhol (Dike -New Hartford)  33-5.
Freshman Jase Jaspers (Mount Vernon) 38-4 won by fall over Elijah Kupka (Benton Community) 27-13.
Freshman Mikey Ryan (Mount Vernon) 38-11 won by fall, over Keegan Ellsworth (Union LaPorte City) 40-7.
Jackson Jaspers (Mount Vernon) 39-3 won by fall, over Luke Johnson (Independence) 14-12.
Jackson Hird (Mount Vernon) 35-14 won in a tie breaker over Clayton Sebetka (Benton Community) 29-15.
Sophomore Jake Haugse (Mount Vernon) 34-14 won by fall over Kameron Kremer (Independence) 32-17.
Senior Ethan Wood (Mount Vernon) 39-9 won by fall over Landon Duffy (Independence) 19-31.
Klayten Perreault (Mount Vernon) 37-5 won by fall, over Adam Fish (Independence) 33-16.