Homework Hinders Friendships


Homework Hinders Friendships

Tatum Meyer

Homework shouldn’t be given at school. Many people believe that homework is necessary to end the school year with a good grade. In reality, homework shouldn’t affect your grade at all. 

Students are given homework, or given the task to finish unfinished work in class. Many kids participate in after-school activities such as sports, work, clubs, and hobbies. Homework limits the amount of time kids get to participate in the activities they enjoy.

To put this in perspective, imagine a student is looking forward to joining friends at a football game on Friday night. During school on Friday, the students find out they have a paper due by the end of the day. That would force this student to stay home to complete the paper. This would cause the student to feel left out. 

Some students have jobs that they have to attend after school. Having a job allows kids to create a good foundation for the future by dealing with different situations, and learning how to deal with money. Homework can take away from this learning. 

Students that would like to get a job or join a sport feel as though they wouldn’t be able            to complete homework along with sports and hobbies. 

Homework can also be very stressful. During school you are able to ask questions and get answers immediately. While doing homework, it can be difficult to get questions answered. Going through the motions of emailing your teachers, then waiting an hour for a response can be stressful as well as time-consuming. Once again, limiting your time from activities.

A solution to this problem would be allowing students to have the WIN period back. Mount Vernon High School took away a very important class of the day, which was WIN time. They then added 5 minutes to each class to make up for that lost time. Instead, we should go back to our regular 45 minute classes and allow the students to go back to WIN time. During WIN, students are able to talk to teachers, get homework done, study, and take make-up tests. Since getting rid of this period, students are forced to do work at home, and stay after school to talk with teachers or take make-up tests. 

After looking at the issues of giving out homework,  we are able to see the benefits of limiting, or even eliminating homework overall. Students would greatly benefit from this solution which should be put in place.