MVHS Needs to Bring Back WIN Lunch

Clayton Flack

We Need WIn Lunch (Clayton Flack)

Students at MVHS need to have WIN lunch back at school. In 2019, MVHS had the opportunity to have hour-long lunches. This allowed students to eat lunch for however long they wanted, and they were still able to talk with teachers and hang out with their friends. WIN lunches were an everyday thing. Today in 2022, our school no longer has WIN lunches or a WIN period itself. Instead of having WIN, our school makes it so there are homeroom A and homeroom B on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. While homeroom A is at lunch, homeroom B is in a designated classroom. 

Getting rid of WIN in general had a negative impact on many students. Now that students are in homeroom A and homeroom B it makes it very difficult for students to get help with an assignment because usually there are around 15 students in each designated homeroom. It can be difficult to go over something private with a teacher when there would be many students in the room with the student and teacher.

It can be obvious that many students don’t use win time as a study period, but that doesn’t always mean it is bad. WIN lunch gave those students who didn’t need one-on-one help with teachers enough time to hang out with their friends who they might not see through the day. WIN lunch was good for teachers too because this gave them the opportunity to get the work done that they needed and allowed them to just take a break from the teaching aspect.

It can also be very difficult for a student with extra curricular activities after school to get the help they need. Having WIN everyday would allow those students to get projects done and the help they need to sustain their grade. Many students usually are busy with their after school activities sometime between 4:15 and 6:00. This was difficult for students because they wouldn’t be able to talk with a teacher after school or have enough time to study and get all of their homework done. 

To solve all of these problems, MVHS needs to bring back WIN, allowing students and teachers to have a more effective and less stressful school day.