Parking is a Pain

Jayce Pendergrass

There should be more parking as well as another entrance (Jayce Pendergrass)

When the juniors and seniors get to school in the morning they find their parking spot and then go into school for the day. However, many underclassmen have to park at the LBC or the parking lot between the elementary and middle school which is a long walk, especially in the late fall and winter when it’s cold out.

An easy solution to alleviate this problem is if we expanded the northern parking lot more to the north then there would be enough parking for all the staff, seniors, juniors, and the majority of sophomores if not all of them. The perfect opportunity to implement this solution will be with the building of the new athletic complex, which will create more than enough parking for the fans both from Mount Vernon and the visiting teams.

Then, if we add a second entrance for the high schoolers coming from the north off of 10th Ave SW splitting Cornell’s Smith Hall and the Cornell soccer field it would help the traffic flow on 10th Ave S before and after school, as well as leaving after a high school sporting event such as football or volleyball. Traffic will be able to flow a lot faster and more efficiently due to these multiple exits. Once the new athletic complex gets built parking would be a complete mess and there wouldn’t be enough so adding more spots for fans and students during the weekdays along with a new entrance and exit will make out school and events more inviting.