He’s a Runner, He’s a Track Star, Kayden Fox


Kayden Fox

Carly Sebastian

When Kayden Fox, 17, was younger, he did a lot of outdoor activities with his dad and brother. He threw the football around a little bit with his dad and went fishing with his brother and dad. Kayden’s childhood best friend is Cyrus Zangerle. Cyrus also does track which might also encourage Fox to continue competing. But a family member who really impacted Fox as an athlete was his mom, who got him into running.  

Fox participates in  track as his sport and he’s really passionate about it. Fox competes in the 110 high hurdles and the shuttle hurdle events for track. He chose track in seventh grade because he originally wrestled and he wanted to stay in shape longer.  He likes track because it helps him to meet new people, he enjoys running, and he thinks he’s pretty fast and good at running. He also likes the competition because it’s like you’re a lone ranger and it’s a competitive sport.

Fox got the idea to start running from his mom. She suggested that he try it out and do an extra sport because she thought it might be a good way to keep up on staying in shape. The way track could benefit him in the future is staying in shape and keep him running faster and faster. 

Fox’s hobbies are playing guitar, hanging out with his friends, and fishing when he has the free time to do it. He is a senior in high school and will be graduating this year but doesn’t really have a plan for what he’s going to do after high school. His idol/role model is Jensen Meeker. Meeker encourages Fox to continue working hard on track and to keep working on what he loves doing.