Homecoming Parade Brings Excitement to the Community

Tatum Meyer

Floats full of Mount Vernon High School students come down the street as citizens of the town line the roads waiting on candy to fly from the decorated trailers. The football team, cross country team, both powderpuff teams, and the volleyball team all participated in the parade Thursday night. Fire trucks and police cars were also found leading with loud lights and sirens to grab the attention of the town. The homecoming candidate convertibles followed not far behind, so everyone got a glimpse of the soon to be homecoming King and Queen and their court. 

This is a huge way for not only the highschoolers but the citizens of Mount Vernon to get involved in the homecoming fun. “It was lots of fun and a good way for the community to come together,” said Hailey Bock, a member of the cross country team. 

The sports teams all agreed that decorating the float with lots of balloons, and colors was a very fun and creative way to show the audience how exciting and artistic the students of Mount Vernon can be. Grabbing Huge handfuls of candy and throwing it into the crowd of little kids was just some added excitement. Especially because this year the high school students had tons more candy to throw!

As each float waved goodbye to the community as they were nearing the end of the street, they got prepared to have one of the biggest nights of their highschool careers. “The night of the parade was definitely a night to remember, spending time with my teammates and forming a special bond while decorating the float is something I’m grateful to have experienced,” said Elli Shebetka, a member of the imposter powderpuff team. 

Overall the parade was one of the highlights of the night.