Homecoming Dance Full of Fun

Zatyk Holub

Imagine this: flashing lights, elegant outfits, and lots of dancing. This special night only comes once a year. Mount Vernon’s Saturday night was a success. Students arrived at the Homecoming dance at 9 p.m. and left at midnight.

“I just love getting jiggy with my boys,” said senior Vargas Locke. “My favorite part was watching Brase throw it back.”

Before the dance, students enjoy eating out at restaurants.  It’s important to be prepared with reservations. Senior Austin Deeb and his group ate at Tin Roost, a restaurant in North Liberty. “We called ahead of time so we just walked right in and we were seated.” Many restaurants, however, were crowded with students from area schools like Praire and Springville because they also had homecoming Saturday.

After arriving at the dance, it didn’t take long before dress shirts were hung on chairs and T-shirts were worn. “It was extremely hot in the school cafeteria where the dance was,” said senior Riley Mudd. “It was very sweaty in there.”

The music was on a playlist made by various student council members. Jason Hoagland said his favorite song was “Love Sosa” by Chief Keef, while others preferred “Starships” by Nicki Minaj.

“There was a lot of grinding at the dance,” said junior Mason Pickney. “It really disgusted me.” Principal Steve Brand and Athletic Director Matt Thede were at the dance supervising to make sure everyone behaved.