Friday Pep Rally

Brad Vislisel

History being made, memories being crafted all on a Friday afternoon at school. Athletic Director Matt Thede was leading the gymnasium in unison to start the Mount Vernon theme song. Everyone on their feet waiting for the games to begin.

Every grade from first to 12th with smiles attended the pep rally in the high school. This was the first pep rally for the whole district in three years due to covid issues.

Football player Clayton Flack competed against the boys cross country team in the plunger race, including teammates Tyler Panos, Henry Ryan, and Clark Younggreen as the anchor.

¨We had the lead by… a lot,” Flack said. “Then Tyler Panos broke the plunger, got passed by the cross country kids and sold the match.¨ Flack wasn´t too happy about the finals since coming into the race he was sure the football boys would get the victory. ¨All in all it was fun to compete,” said Flack.

Later the band members competed against the volleyball players head-to-head in the basketball game: three layups, three free throws and one last shot from half court. Volleyball was pulling away but couldn’t make a half-court shot until the band got to the half-court and Dylan Winkler made it in effortlessly.

Then came the broom battles. Thede was the referee for the games. Middle school kids came onto the gym floor to battle other groups of different grades. The challenge was to see who could balance the broom upside down the longest.

The pep rally ended with one last fight song with everyone standing chanting along.

The Mount Vernon Varsity football team had a game that night for their homecoming game. They blew Benton Community out of the water for their first conference game, 47-0 to put them at 5-0 on their season.