Zatyk’s Out of School Sport


Jennifer Tischer

Zatyk Holub

Tavian Gorsch

Zatyk Holub is mainly known for his talent  in multiple sports like football and wrestling, but it is a little-known fact that Holub is also a golf enthusiast.

Some of Holub’s other hobbies are football, wrestling and video games. On the varsity football team, Holub plays H and outside linebacker. Some of Holub’s favorite memories with the football team was finally ending the 19-year losing streak to Solon. The Mustangs beat them 17-14 this year.

Holub wrestled at 182 and made it to districts last season. One of Holub’s biggest accomplishments was that the team won the city high tournament.

Unlike football and wrestling, Holub likes to golf but he doesn’t do it competitively. He just likes to go to courses and have fun with his friends, brothers and grandpa. Holub mainly golfs during the summer when he’s able to; he tries to go at least once or twice a week. He also doesn’t really watch golf but he will watch the masters. 

Holub really got into golf because of his grandpa. He started golfing when he was around 8. His grandpa lives in the Quad Cities and he always takes Zatyk and his brothers to the course around there.  His grandpa is more than just an amateur. He competed in a PGA tour.

Holub has had some pretty good games golfing also, his best score was a 41 and it was at the 9 hole Kernoustie course located in Lisbon. “I’m pretty decent,” Holub said of his golf skills, “probably better than average.” One of Holub’s favorite memories while golfing was at the Mount Vernon course and he was on the 2nd hole and he ended up driving it onto the green and he got to putt it in for an eagle. 

One of Holub’s main tips for people that are trying to get into golf is that you’re not going to hit it onto the green every time, but the more and more you golf the better you will get at it.