The Teammate You Need


Lily Rechkemmer

Seniors Clayton Flack (52) and Clark Younggreen (61) lead the team on to have an amazing night.

Bradley Vislisel

For Clark Younggreen, waking up for school at 7 a.m. to eat six eggs, four pieces of toast and a protein shake has become normal for him. The starting right guard and defensive tackle for the 3-0 Mustangs of ‘22 is hungry for more.

Youngreen has played every year of football except his freshman year. He returned to football his sophomore year.  “I went out because all of my friends were out and I missed the team part of football,” he said, explaining that there is “no better team aspect than football; everyone has to work together on offense, lineman, wide receivers, etc., all for a common goal, and if one part of the team doesn’t work to create that bond, it isn’t a good team.” The year Younggreen came back, he proved that he created a bond the team didn’t have just a year before. Younggreen helps everyone out no matter what he is doing. If you need him just call his name.

His teammates say that Younggreen was the most dedicated on the team over the summer. Clayton Flack the starting center said; ¨He’s always dedicated to doing what’s best for the team, no matter what adversity strikes.” One area where Younggreen pushed himself beyond others was weightlifting outside of strength and speed practice. 

This summer Younggreen would continuously day in and day out go to Elite Fitness this past year. “It was definitely the most work I’ve put into a sport,” he said.  The weight room is a place he loves because “It doesn’t lie – you can’t change the weight you just failed, it gives you instant feedback.”

Younggreen also eats food like a madman, noting that one day he ate 6000 calories. But two years ago if you would’ve asked him, he wouldn’t have cared much about eating as he does now. “If you want to perform better, what you put in is what you get out with your body. Healthier foods and everything. I like tracking calories and being hydrated to not only for my physical and mental health, but for my performance too,¨ Younggreen said, adding, “Coach Pedersen is definitely my biggest influence being hydrated and eating properly.”

Even Coach Pedersen, the high school strength and speed coach, is amazed at how much Younggreen has evolved over this summer.

Pedersen said he is impressed by “The consistency that he has day in and day out, not only to strength and speed but how he refuels his body, and how he does all of the extra work, and he does the extra work in a smart way.” 

Pedersen said that it’s important that Younggreen makes sure that he doesn’t overload himself, so he can be able to recover.  “He knows he can only get the gains from how well you are able to recover and if not you won’t get the bang for your buck,” Pedersen said. “Younggreen has found out how fun it is to see results and to be that consistent it pulls people along too. Which doesn’t only make Younggreen better, but the whole team better.”