Always Look for The Next Great Opportunity

Clark Younggreen

“Hear the whistle, see the smoke, you just got passed by a powerstroke,” said LJ Kintzel.  


For some people it’s sports, books, music but for Kintzel his hobby is working on his truck. Whether it’s renchin, washing or driving the truck Kintzel takes pride in his Ford F-250 Powerstroke. Kintzel, 17, learned the most basic things about trucks just being around his dad when his dad drove the truck. Other than that he learned on his own most things about his truck and what he has done to it. 


“This truck has been in the family for 10 years, I started driving it in the winter of freshman year,” said Kintzel. 


Kintzel, a senior, played football, baseball and track all at one point but after a back injury that came to an end. That’s when he started spending more time and money on his truck. Kintzel still struggles and deals with his back from day to day and still has to visit the doctor still as well. 


“I have three bulging discs in my lower back that will most likely have to get surgery on at some point,” said Kintzel.


Most people see fixing their vehicles themselves as a burden, but for Kintzel he sees it as an opportunity to learn more about vehicles. He is a hard worker and cares about his truck; therefore, when he fixes it he has confidence in knowing who fixed it. 


Outside of his truck he works hard and enjoys the hard work. Currently he works with a neighboring small town farmer. But 

his past summer he worked for Modern Companies or also known as Modern Sheet Metal learning through experience more about his future desired job, welding. KIntzel this summer made around $10k working hard day in and day out. 


“Over the course of my highschool years I have put around $15 thousand into the truck including the parts, rims, tires, tint and the turbo,” said Kintzel. 


“I had some safety and learning courses through Modern but other than that learning was hands-on,” Kintzel said. 


“Once I figured out that welding is what I wanted to do and had interest in it, I figured why not give it a try,” said Kintzel. 


Oftentimes vehicles are viewed as something that gets you where you need to be, but you would be surprised how many relationships and opportunities can be found in the truck or vehicle world. Kintzel has become closer friends with Carson Mudd and Mason Hartman, both of these guys are also seniors in Kintzels grade and take pride in working and taking care of  their vehicles. 


“Just as any other sport, small talk, truck talk has brought many great friends and opportunities into my life,” Kintzel said. 


Since Kintzel was younger he liked trucks and farming and hard work, but he really was focused on sports at one point,and believes that with his injury he may not have found his love for his truck. Kintzel is looking forward to his future of work and memories with his truck.


“To be honest, it’s my girlfriend, I love it more than a girlfriend and it’s my pride and joy!” Kintzel said.