The Excitement Of Lifeguarding


Tatum Meyer

Clayton Flack

Tatum Meyer

Although he enjoys football, the memories he has made working at the Mount Vernon pool stick out to him the  most. Even though messing around with his friends can be fun, being a lifeguard is a serious job, making sure everyone is safe is very important.

Clayton Flack’s most harrowing experience as a lifeguard was saving a small child. “I was looking around the kid area and all of a sudden I saw a kid hit his head on the frog slide, so I waited a second to see if he was fine, but he was unconscious,” said Flack. He ended up calling for an EMS while performing a spinal. A spinal is when the lifeguard uses a backboard to help immobilize someone who has been injured. They do this to make it easier to remove the victim from the water. This was one of the scariest experiences he’s ever had while working.

Flack explained that this is his second summer as a lifeguard, but he also gives swimming lessons for little kids outside of the regular hours. In addition to this he mentioned how every once in a while he’s able to work the 9- 11p.m. shift, It’s usually during the night shift hours where he has the most fun with friends. 

Flack has a very eventful life with work and football. He enjoys spending most of his time at the pool, where he works. He makes good memories with some of his close friends like Ryder Bunch. “One time the ‘biggie bag’ song started playing at the pool, and Ryder Bunch hit the gridy after hearing the song.” This is one of Flack’s favorite memories from working at the pool. 

When Flack isn’t working he also enjoys playing football, and lifting weights with his friends. “I’ve developed a family-like bond with friends through football,” said Flack. One of the closest bonds he has developed was with Vargas Locke. “Freshman year, Vargas Locke didn’t have a practice jersey, so the coach sent him home. He came back with a varsity game jersey, so the coach sent him home. He came back with an old practice jersey, then he finally came back with the real jersey,” said Flack. This was one of his favorite memories throughout high school football.

After high school Flack plans on going to a four year college to get his degree in physical therapy, he would like to work in the professional league. After working at the pool he realized that it might be a good job for a highschooler, but it’s definitely not something he plans to continue in the future. Flack has developed many different skills from working at the pool, however he’s looking to continue the skill of being able to respond fast to sudden changes or challenges. “I have the ability to care for people, and help people under stressful situations,” Flack said. This is an important ability he can apply to physical therapy in the future.