The Lifestyle of Baseball


Peyton Simpson

Collin Crawford

Nora Weiland

Bases are loaded, the crowd roaring, hearing the crack of the bat as his heartbeat drops to the ground. He takes off sprinting, making his first grand slam as his dad runs to get the ball. 

Collin Crawford, 16, has many skills, but his favorite pastime is baseball. Crawford puts his life into baseball and so does his family.

Crawford has played baseball his entire life. “The satisfaction of hearing the crack of the bat and sprinting to the bases keeps me going,” said Crawford. Crawford’s love of baseball takes dedication and most of his time. He usually begins practice in the winter by himself mainly working on hitting at the LBC in the batting cages, and when practices start as a team he is well prepared. 

Crawford, a junior, is primarily a first baseman, but when first starting baseball he was open to any position. His dad Monte Crawford suggested he should play first base. Crawford played first for three years before he switched over to third base which he played for five years, and it wasn’t until last year when Crawford switched back over to the first base. Crawford believes first base requires a good reaction time, reflexes, and the ability to read the ball, which is why he enjoyed playing the position. 

His dad is a big part of Crawford’s baseball career.  “My dad does anything to help me be successful,” said Crawford. His dad usually does this by coming to club games in support, giving advice, or even helping him practice at the LBC. Crawford and his dad are very similar and share many interests making it easier for them to get along, and making this relationship very important.

Crawford also enjoys the friendship he makes throughout the season. He believes his working relationship with Henry Ryan has made him more motivated in and out of the game. He believes that Ryan helps him better himself as a person and teammate. By making him more mature and responsible, overall giving him a better attitude.  Crawford is also grateful for teammate Mason Hartman. Crawford believes they have developed a great friendship that strives for him to be better. Many relationships that Crawford has made make him want to keep playing baseball.

Due to the relationships of the team, the baseball season usually goes pretty well for the Mustangs. Crawford suggests more encouragement from team members, hanging out with people outside of practice, and mainly being a positive influence. Crawford believes he was very fortunate to have had the influences and friendships that he’s grown up with and believes everyone should have that opportunity. 

Crawford strives to be the best he can be at everything. It’s essential to set an example for the people around him and to help them when needed. He always focuses on being a good teammate, son, friend, and player. He will forever love this game, saying, “Baseball will always be my life.”