The Mustangs Need WIN Lunch


We want WIN lunch

Henry Steine

Imagine you’re a student at Mount Vernon High School in 2019. Hour long lunches are an everyday thing, allowing you to relax and take your time to eat and hangout. This was popular among all students and many teachers because the schedule simply worked. However this all changed when the WIN period was implemented in our school.

Before WIN period teachers had the option of two different WIN sections during lunch. If a student needed help we could get called in for A lunch and still have time to go to B lunch when finished. It gave both teachers and students options. 

Another reason WIN during lunch was so nice was that students were able to take their time while eating lunch, making the overall school day less stressful. We didn’t have to worry about running down the hallways to grab their lunch and cram food before we had to hurry to their next class. 

Having the gym open was something we loved. It gave us something to do while waiting for lunch or after we are finished eating. Right now other than PE our school has no other form of physical activity offered, but when the gym was open during lunch because of the extended period we had the option to exercise. 

Separating WIN from lunch into its own period only had a negative impact on the school day. It shortened lunches for everyone and split lunches into different periods. It also puts a break in between second and third hour, which can take us out of the learning zone before the first half of the day is complete. This time alone is also not even enough time to finish an average homework assignment making it almost completely useless. 

WIN period is also a waste of time because during WIN period teachers are assigned to students who are falling behind but when a student comes in for help and reteaching the teacher is too occupied with another student and the classroom is full of kids on their phone or talking, making the learning environment less than adequate. On top of this WIN time is not enough time for us to make up a test where Lunch WIN was much easier for us to complete a test 

To fix this problem we must make some changes. Removing WIN would allow 3rd hour to start at 10:00 and end at 10:49, A lunch/A WIN would then start at 10:51 and B lunch/B WIN to start at 11:26. Lunch period in general would then end at 12:01. Having this schedule would allow for a much more fluid school day and make lunch easier for both students and teachers.