Bobcats Get Sacked

Henry Steine

On Friday night the Mount Vernon Mustangs battled the Benton Bobcats on Mustang senior night. The Mustangs celebrated their 10 seniors before defeating Benton 60-46, bringing their record to 10-10. A loss on Tuesday ended their regular season at 10-11. 

Throughout the first half the score was very close, it was a constant battle to be on top. At halftime the Mustangs were down 24-23, giving them encouragement to bring the energy in the second half. 

The third quarter opened up with Jensen Meeker making a free throw. This was eventually followed by four consecutive 3-pointers, one of which was made by Brody Ulch and the other by Jackson Kutcher, ending the third quarter on top with a score of 43-32. 

Immediately the fourth quarter started with Jackson Kutcher hitting his fourth 3-pointer of the night. With a minute left in the quarter the senior squad got to go in, scoring 4 points from the free throws of Ben Gilbert-Binder and Adam Deeb, leading the Mustangs to a victory. 

“The game went well,” senior Ryan Naeve, a starter for the Mustangs, said. “Evan Brase and Jackson Kutcher had a great game.” 

“It was really cool to see everyone play as a team when things got difficult.” said senior Trenton Pitlik, “It’s a great group of guys to be with.”

The Mustangs begin postseason play this upcoming Monday against Mount Pleasant at home.