Shootout Against The Metros

Jack Drahos

In a long hard-fought game the Cedar Rapids Rough Riders JV team played their second doubleheader game against the Sioux City Metros only losing 3-2 in a shootout on Feb. 5.

Leading up to this game was in itself a challenge for the JV Rough Riders hockey team who usually gets a few good practices during the week. Instead, they competed in two other games: Thursday against the rival team, the Waterloo Warriors, and Friday their first of two games against the Metros, leaving them on tired legs for Saturday’s game.

“Personally I do various lunges and band stretches along with running a few laps around the rink to be ready for the upcoming games,” said Jackson Bartlett a sophomore from Mount Vernon High School who plays for the Rough Riders.

After the 11 a.m. puck drop Saturday, the Metros started off strong scoring only 34 seconds into the first period. This obviously was a shock to the Rough Riders but knowing there were still 44 minutes of the game left they still gave their best. Luckily staying 5 on 5 with no penalties allowed them to not give up any powerplay opportunities to their opponent. With 5:48 left in the first period, the Metros scored another goal. After two unanswered goals, all the Riders needed was an intermission to regain their confidence.

Sophomore Jackson Bartlett making a pass to his teammate. (Sara Lange)

The second period started slow. with high shots on goal, the teams were getting tired. After 4 minutes and 54 seconds, The Riders score a goal. The goal was scored by forward Shawn Knapp and was his first goal of the season. With the game now at 1-2 they needed one more to tie it up.

There was constant back and forth with each team getting many scoring chances.  After 4 minutes Brady Brown splitting between the two defenders on a breakaway tied up the game and got the goal they needed. ”The Coach told us to ‘push through and play some dang Hockey!’ We all knew we had a great chance at winning that game, and we pushed through like our coach said to tie the game,” Bartlett said. It was now 2-2. The two teams each ended the period with offsetting penalties a hooking and holding were called but luckily kept the game 5 on 5.

The third period went by quickly and ended with no scoring after 15 minutes of play. But 4 minutes in the Rough Riders took a risky interference penalty. This allowed the Metros 2 minutes of powerplay time. Although it was 4 on 5 the Riders seemed to handle it very well by icing the puck every chance they got resulting in very few chances. Although there was very little excitement, the Metros got several more shots. The Cedar Rapids goalie ended regulation with 46 shots while the Metros goalie only ended with 20.

With the game tied 2-2, there must be a winner declared. After 45 minutes of regulation, the game went into a shootout. The Metros started first, the player made a quick deke to the right and put the puck in the back of the net. Brady Brown got the first shot for the Rough Riders. He skated down and shot the puck right over the goalies’ blocker and scored. Two more shooters went for each team but all missed. The fourth shooter for the Metros scored by shooting right under the arm of Cedar Rapids goalie Shane Lochner. The Riders needed a goal to keep the shootout alive but the Cedar Rapids skater lost the puck before he made it to the net, and the Metros win 3-2.

“Imagining my future in hockey and trying to accomplish my goals pushes me to do my best every day,” said Brady Brown JV captain for the Riders.

After a tough season for the JV Rough Riders, they look to improve their record in the upcoming games against Fremont.