Fun Winter Formal for Those in the Know

Kambree Hultquist

Did you know about Winter Formal? When the dance was announced over the intercom last week, many students were shocked to learn it was so soon.

The student council hosted the Winter Formal dance this past Saturday, Feb.5 from 8-11 p.m. in the high school commons, and all students were welcome.

The dance was brought up pretty abruptly to some students when the date was announced. Winter Formal was scheduled around the end of January in years past, so students were anticipating an announcement of the event. “If I didn’t directly ask a StuCo member about Winter Formal I wouldn’t have known,” junior Elizabeth Barnes said. She had found out around the middle of January when she had realized nothing had been posted about the dance.

Ava Dimmer, a member of the Student Council in charge of setting up parts of the dance, said that they had a hard time finding a good night to have it because they were unable to meet together for quite some time. “We couldn’t meet together for almost a month because our weekly meetings kept getting canceled due to snow and weather complications,” Dimmer said. 

When talking about the actual planning of the dance, Dimmer said the Student Council had to decide on all of the little details that make the dance what it is. “We had to plan out who was going to get the decorations, who was going to make the playlist, and then we had to try and contact the company who would bring the photo booth.” 

The dance provided a free photo booth and bottled water in the back for students to replenish their energy during the dance. “The dance was really fun! The music was great and I loved the photo booth!” Barnes said.