Michael Briesemeister – The Walking Giant

Dawson Fluharty

Michael Briesemeister

In a big win over Independence, Michael Briesemeister played a very important role in the last seconds of the game. Standing at 6´8¨, Briesemeister was able to obstruct the inbounders’ vision as the pass would need to be perfect as time was running out. The Mustangs’ won 63-61 after a bad pass from the inbounder.

Briesemeister plays a large role for the Mustangs due to his height. ¨I play on the post and defend the guy on the post,¨ he said.

Briesemeister said that open gyms in the summer help the Mustangs drastically. For incoming juniors and varsity members it is nice to get a feel for the varsity level of basketball along with the varsity coaching staff. It is also a great way to get you conditioned for the upcoming season and it gives you a starting point for what you need to improve on.

Briesemeister goes up for a layup against Marion and makes it (Macy Eskelsen)

In the past the Mustangs have run a five out offense. The guard will drive and hopefully draw a second defender to him and kick the ball out for an open shot. These types of shots have a high percentage. Before this year, the Mustangs had more shooters so this offense was more productive. This year the Mustangs have moved to a set offense which is focused on getting more shots from the field and having slashers that can score in the paint. This is more efficient for the players because they know where they need to be at all times.

Briesemeister attributes the Mustangs’ success with high energy from all players, the new offense, and not digging themselves into a hole starting the second half,” said Briesemeister, ¨There are two modes that we play with: Confident and high energy or cautious and apprehensive,¨ Briesemeister said. “If we play the first way, we win. If we play the second way, we lose. Simple as that.”

As a junior, Briesemeister does not get as many minutes as one might suspect with his height, but he says it is really fun to be on the sidelines and cheer on the Mustangs. Occasionally the Mustang bench will heckle opposing players after a bad play that they made. Typically the bench cheers on the Mustangs as Head Coach Timm likes to stay humble.

Briesemeister started playing basketball as early as fourth grade. He said that he wished he started playing the game sooner, as it would have helped him in the grand scheme of things. He said that over time you pick up skills that can only come with repetition and years of practice and gamelike situations.

Briesemeister has many things about the game of basketball that he enjoys, but two things really stood out to him when he thought about it. The first, cheering on your teammates in whatever way you can. Whether this be in practice or games it is beneficial to the team’s success. He also says the best part after a good practice is when Coach Timm lets everyone play knockout to finish practice.