Pitlik’s Prosperous Cooking Career


Leo Appleton

Senior Trenton Pitlik cooks an appetizer in the Scorz kitchen.

Leo Appleton

We all know Trenton Pitlik as the star running back at Mount Vernon High School, but outside of school and sports, he has another important obligation — working at Scorz Bar and Grill. Pitlik started there when he was just 13 years old working as a dishwasher. Since then, he has been able to work his way up through the ranks with multiple promotions. His long-lasting commitment to his work clearly shows his dedication and hard working attitude.

Pitlik said that he wanted to get a job so he could have his own money to spend when he went out to eat with friends or simply wanted to buy something for himself instead of asking his parents for money. He started at Scorz as a dishwasher and was being paid minimum wage his first few months. Soon after, he quickly moved to prep cook where he took on more responsibilities handling food and getting things ready to leave the kitchen. This is where Pitlik developed his passion for food and cooking. Soon enough, just two years after starting his minimum wage dishwashing job he reached the title of head cook.

Working as a cook can be difficult though, especially during a rush. Many skills are required to be a successful cook at a popular restaurant. “Timeliness, sharp memory, communication, and being able to handle pressure are all big factors of getting a quality dish to the customer at a good pace,” said Pitlik. Some other struggles include dealing with lazy co-workers, which Pitlik said makes it feel like he is almost working alone, and large groups of customers who come in without a reservation. However, among the hard times, there are lots of good ones too.

Pitlik said working at Scorz has made him new friends and helped him to reconnect with old ones. Since working there Pitlik has met Oliver Gardner, a junior at Mount Vernon High School, and has developed a newly founded friendship in and out of work. He has also reconnected with an old friend from middle school who he now hangs out within more places than just the kitchen. When asked about some of his favorite memories from work, Pitlik said that it is always memorable when he has to kick out customers during his late-night shifts. Even if they can be a hassle to deal with, it always gives him a sense of relief after tossing someone out after they have been disrespecting other customers or co-workers.

“Working as a cook can be very stressful, but with the right skills and people, it can always be a good time,” Pitlik said. In the future, Pitlik plans to continue to cook, whether at a restaurant or just cooking at home, as long as he can make delicious dishes, it doesn’t matter. If possible, he would like to attend culinary school to improve his skills and study the art of cooking throughout college. After attending university he plans to continue his career beyond school and maybe even open his own restaurant. Pitlik’s final words of advice for others who are in the industry or want to get involved were “always be respectful, and keep your cool.”