Teacher Fantasy Football Showdown: Moel and Roberts Lead Competition


Kaleb Phillippe

Science teachers Michaela Moel and Derek Roberts face off in fantasy football.

Katana Snyder

The Teacher Fantasy Football Showdown is coming down to the top two teams of Michaela Moel (Team name: Holy Moly) and Derek Roberts (Team name: Doc Rob). While two science teachers are in the lead, other teachers are also in the competition, including math teacher Nathan Namanny and P.E. teacher Ryan Whitman.

Fantasy football is a points-driven game based on the real-life stats of NFL players. The players put up real points when they play, and if you own them on your fantasy team you will get points for that. 

Moel wanted to have a trophy for the winner, so she decided to make one herself. Moel recently lost a game against Roberts by one point. There are three more weeks left before the big championship. Moel’s strategy is just to win. She’s confident in her QB and wide receiver duo: Lamar Jackson, QB for the Ravens, and  Justin Jefferson, wide receiver for the Vikings.

Roberts seems to be confident with his duo as well. Justin Herbert, QB of the Chargers paired up with Mike Williams, wide receiver for the Chargers. Roberts said his strategy is “just to find good players and keep them on my team and play them.” 

Roberts was talking about his lineup and made a statement towards Moel saying “Yes, Holy Moly is her team name, that’s what she’s going to be saying after I win and beat her in the championship.”

Moel refused to comment on record about Roberts’ lineup, saying she would rather trash talk “to his face.”

They both are doing really well leading up to the championship game, but Roberts has one last thing to say about Mrs. Moel “you have no excuses when you lose.”