Shop Class? More Like Auto Repair Shop.


Kyla Vaughn

Juniors Henry Ryan and Zatyk Holub work on Holub’s 2002 Forerunner in 2nd hour Auto Mechanics Dec. 17.

Remy Merrill

Auto Mechanics at Mount Vernon High School isn’t just a class- it’s a car repair shop. Several of Mount Vernon’s students have pulled their vehicles into the classroom for mini repairs and checkups. “Pretty much every student who has a car has brought it in at least once,” said 2nd hour Auto Mechanics student Kyla Vaughn, “We can work on anything really, we are able to check the lights that are on the dash to see what they are and how we could fix them.”

Shop teacher, Ben Kuker, gives students the knowledge and guidance they need to operate on cars. “Before every lab, he goes through that specific lab to teach us what to do and how things are connected,” said Vaughn, “ He sets out all the tools we would need and explains why we would need them.”

Kuker makes sure every student understands how the systems of the vehicle operate and how to properly fix things by hand. “He does a lot of it for us but we watch and learn,” said junior Zatyk Holub.

Holub brought in his 2002 Forerunner for some minor repairs this semester. “We changed my oil,” Holub said, “we have taken condensation out of my headlight, we have fixed my door not closing all the way.” Students in Auto Mechanics get called out of class to pick up parts needed to repair the vehicles from the local Ace Hardware in Mount Vernon. 

Auto Mechanics students are taught all the car maintenance and knowledge needed to be a successful car owner. “One of Mr. Kuker’s main points of our class is so that we don’t get taken advantage of when we take our cars into the shop,” Vaughn said, “We have learned how to take care of our cars, what we should be looking out for, and how to fix simple problems so we can save money.”