Pep Rally Fires up the Mustangs.

Asher Eichhorn

The pep rally sparks the Mustang nation, Matt Thede chants ”When I say Mustang, you say nation” The pep rally is filled with games and fun activities. 

The marching band immediately started to play the fight song and the cheerleaders came out and started cheering. 

The football team and the cross country team competed in a basketball shootout, the football team won with senior Leo Appleton making the winning half-court shot. As the whole student body cheering him on.  Even though the cross country boys lost, “It was still a really fun time to compete in different activities,” said Alex Fencl

Senior Maddie Plotz the winner of the ballon game said,” I liked the activities that we did and that I got to do them with my friends.”

This year they brought the middle school athletes into this as well, the middle school football team, cross country. They played a game where they had to scoot on a scooter with plungers, the girls cross country team we way out in the front then a great comeback from Jace jaspers had the football boys winning. The crowd going crazy. 

This really sparked the excitement for the homecoming football game that night. It added needed excitement to the regular school day.

The football team takes the win over the cross country team, Oct.8.
Senior Maddie Plotz wins the ballon game, Oct.8.