The Marching Mustangs Score Big at State


Anna Moore

The Marching Mustangs take the field.

Dallas Olberding

The Marching Mustangs competed in the IHSMA Marching Band Festival over the weekend, earning a Division 1 rating and the highest placed score all day. The competition was held at Kingston Stadium in Cedar Rapids, Oct. 9.

“Although there were little mistakes here and there, we recovered quickly. Musically and dynamically, it was the best show yet,” director Scott Weber said. Scores held true to Weber’s remark, as the band earned a 16.7 out of 20 for music general effect and a 7.8 out of 10 for music execution.

Junior Laila Moellering also thought it was the band’s best performance. “Our marching specifically was really good,” Moellering, a clarinet player in the band, said. Marching and maneuvering general effect scored a 17.5 out of 20, with execution coming in at a 13.7 out of 20. 

Given how almost three quarters of the entire band consists of underclassmen, this is considered to be a big feat within the band. “Maturity is growing because we are very young,” Weber said.

This year’s show is called Chase, based off of the late 1900’s rock and roll/jazz music at the time. While the show features mainly trumpets, all instruments play a key role in the execution of the show. Coming off of almost two years not competing, this has been more important than ever for the Marching Mustangs to make a strong comeback.

“The performance was full of heart and emotion,” Weber said. Weber reminisced about the conversation he and the band had before performing in regards to his father, thinking that this sparked something within the band to make the performance that much more special.

As the season comes to a close, watch out for the Marching Mustangs’ last competition this coming Saturday in Clinton, and their last halftime performance next Friday. The band is now looking forward to and preparing for the Thanksgiving Parade in Chicago where they have been asked to perform.


The band preparing for their performance at Kingston Stadium
Dallas Olberding